About HappServe

The HappServe is a web based enterprise solution that allows Municipality/Corporation to enhance citizen satisfaction through comprehensive service management and efficient service delivery.

HappServe automates entire complaint process, right from registration to closure. It also enforces service level policies to ensure the complaint gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for their attention and intervention.

Citizens can lodge complaints through a Mobile Application, Website and Toll-free number. In all cases, the complainant is given a complaint acknowledgement number.

Once a complaint is registered within the system, it is assigned to a concerned area officer dealing with the reported problem. The system automatically sends an SMS to officer alerting him on the complaint for taking required actions. The officer calls the complainant, if necessary, to seek specific details.

The officer is expected to resolve the complaint within a specified period of time. Once a complaint is resolved, the officer marks the complaint as closed in the system. The citizen receives an SMS confirming the resolution of his/her complaint. If the citizen is not satisfied he/she can request to re-open the complaint, which is then escalated to higher authority.

If the complaint is not resolved and closed within the specified period, the same gets escalated to higher authorities. On repeated failures to resolve the problem, it gets escalated to Dy. Commissioner.

Benefits of HappServe

  • Citizens need not go to Ward offices to register complaint
  • System available round the clock - Mobile Application, Website, SMS, Email, Ward Offices.
  • Improved communication by way of SMS / Email alerts
  • HappServe provides data of frequent complaints and average turnaround time for each kind of problem.It helps Municipality/Corporation to focus the areas to improve the services by enhancing the manpower and infrastructure. This also helps Municipality/Corporation to prioritize on their services.